Benefits from Scan2Find


For All Your Belongings

S2F Tags to Recover and Protect Valuables:

Protects luggage, bags, electronics, sports equipment, and outdoor wear.
Provides recovery information for misplaced items.
Keeps information updated and secured.
Updates information with precise instructions and rewards for accurate recovery.

recover valuable with scan2find

For your Pets

Helps pets get prepare for unexpected events:

Emergency Contact Information
Keeps key information relevant and up-to-date.
Worldwide recovery.
Keeps information updated and secured.
Updates information and rewards.

pets recovery with scan2find
Question & Answer

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The finder will access ONLY the information you have chosen to share associated with the Scan2Find QR code.

No, neither the finder nor the owner of the item's contact details will be disclosed by Scan2Find. The only visible information will be the specific information you choose to provide in the item details.

when your lost item gets found the app will not share your information with item finders. You stay in control of what information you want to share with the item finder.

There's no need to modify the code. Instead, just adjust the existing contact information or create a new contact to modify the information linked to your item.

Indeed. Scan the QR code with any smartphone that has a scanner to connect with the owner of the item while protecting each party's identity.

You can include any extra instructions when adding an item. When finders locate your misplaced belongings, they will be able to see special instructions. Vet and other information are examples of information.

Anything at all! You may use Scan2Find on any of your personal possessions, no matter how large or tiny, and regardless of their worth! Electronics, prescription drugs, passports, glasses, clothing, school supplies, computers, and more are a few examples!

Indeed! The more objects you can safeguard, the better. Scan2Find is a simple, cost-effective way to safeguard all of your belongings and guarantee your family's privacy

Globally! As long as the user and the finder are connected via a mobile device, the solution will function. To scan your Scan2Find QR Tag, finders do not need to have the Scan2Find app installed and might be in another country.

Absolutely. When they recover lost belongings, most people want to return them, but there was never a means to do so until recently. Millions of dollars' worth of misplaced belongings sit in lost-and-found departments with little chance of ever being recovered again. Finders may return your misplaced goods if you have Scan2Find QR tag on them.

Simply Sign-up and purchase your tags here and follow the steps in the app.

20 QR Code Stickers $29.95

Weatherproof adhesive S2F QR code label stickers and name tags for lost and found. Attach to any personal Items for Lost and Found.
- Comes with 20 stickers.
- Different sizes and shapes on a single sheet for a range of uses.